23 January 2013

Aim of Life

A person who is 70+ shared his life experiences that he had been “an Eeyore not a Tigger; a pessimist, not an optimist; an aimless grasshopper, not a purposeful ant; a dreamer, not a doer; a nomad, not a settler; a voyager, not an adventurer; a spectator, not an actor, player or participant.”
- Lines from David Brooks' article in NYTimes.com.

Sometimes I try to behave like an object. I keep searching for the purpose of my life but I never get that. I have found myself standing like an idiot who does not know what to do next.
But whenever I caught a beam of light I followed it, and learn new things and tried to collect all the bonanzas out of it, including happiness.
Then I discovered probably the aim of my life is to be happy and making others happy.. but i want more, something bigger.. I really don't know what exactly it is, but beyond doubt I'll reach there and grab it.. ;)
I don't want to end up like a dreamer, now I'll focus on how to become a doer.. I have achieved just few things in life, although they seems nothing to me at the moment, but better is that for convincing myself to be a doer I have to remember all minute things too :p You know repeating "I can do it" has a powerful impact for boosting up your abilities... :)
I'm not gonna give up easily, I'll be a fighter (won't kick someone's ass :p ) because it's illuminating all around me, except in load-shedding hours..
So I have written a lot here, now I gotta go but don't forget to give me your feedback k aapke ghar mei light jati hai ya nhi?

link: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/29/opinion/brooks-the-life-reports-ii.html?src=tp&smid=fb-share&_r=0