7 December 2011

My First Step....

It was a boring weekday of 2005, when I wrote my first poem while sitting in my class.
It took few minutes to complete it.
I was so nervous to show it to others.
Because I didn't know whether they're gonna like it or not.
Everyone appreciated it alot, my friends, parents and teachers. :)
But all credit goes to my teacher Hamza Junaidy, who asked me to write everyday.
From then i wrote, and learnt from my mistakes.
I remember what silly mistakes I used to do at that time. :D
I am still learning and rectifying myself.
But what I really need is alot of support and motivation from your side...
Insha-Allah someday my words will get the power the other writers have got, 
who have changed many lives.
: پہلی نظم 
ہماری کلاس ہے بڑی ہوادار 
ہیں دروازے اور کھڑکیاں چار
اسی میں ہمیں روز ہے آنا جانا 
کہتی ہیںہماری  مس فرحانہ 
پڑھتے ہیں ملک کا کونہ کونہ 
کیونکہ پڑھاتی ہیں مطالعہ پاکستان مس رانا
 پرکتیکلز کراتی ہیں مس خورشید 
جن کو خوش کرکے ہے ہمیں اچھے نمبر پانا 
مس مختار ہیں سندھی میں پی-ایچ-ڈی
جو چاہتی ہیں ہمیں سندھی ماٹھو بنانا
پڑھاتی ہیں کیمسٹری  مس رابیعہ
جن کا کام ہے سمجھا سمجھا کر خود تھک جانا
مسز حامد ہیں انگلش میں ایکسپرٹ
 نکالنا silly mistakes جن کا کام ہے ہماری 
جانتے ہیں یہ بات سارے بچے 
اچھے نمبر لا کر ہے ہمیں میٹرک میں جانا 
 تو محنت کرکے ہوجاییں ہم نویں میں کامیاب 
(:  تاکہ پھر ہوتے رہیں ہم ہر موڑ پے کامیاب 


  1. to be very honest, i read ur article on Shashca regarding Sherry (dont know i spell it correctly or not) but sorry to say it was totally a waste of time means neither it was funny nor informative, it was totally incoherent... but that's sure u have all the ability to write...

    what you need to do is that if you really want to b a good writer you should 1st select ur segment either it be humor, politics, current affairs, fiction, poetry or whatever. u should start reading and reading but read as a neutral person, put ur all the past views, beliefs, ethnicity, culture etc aside and analyze it then write....

    don't b downhearted by my comment, i believe you can write much better and i can see the spark in ur personality....

  2. MAK: I know few more people have given such response for Shashca. I did it because I want a kick start.. :P
    Thanx for ur advice.. :)And you know what I've been reading and collecting aricles/newspapers for 7 years.

  3. Great...you got GOD Gifted writing skill.....But you still got to polish it. and for that you have to be object oriented which i know you are, and your textures shouldn't be confined only to the one aspect of human life, write what you feel,observe, and hear. Good work.:)

  4. Assalam Alaikum!
    First of all I don't like the font this Blog contains.
    and then about the poem, it's great, I'm sure it's a kind of poem which one can express very rarely in that age.
    dil se jo baat nikalti hai asar rakhti hai
    par nahi taaqat-e-parwaaz mager rakhti hai:)