4 July 2012

You Are Also Responsible For This...

You are wrong... Don't do this.. Don't do that.. 
These are few words we have been listening from our childhood, whenever our elders think we have mistaken. They don't think that they might have done something erroneous, which led these circumstances.
So we have been brought up learning to BLAME others....
Media and Government have always been held responsible for everything going on around us.
Media is responsible for immorality and fakeness. Government is responsible for corruption, riots, inflation, etc.
We never  want to take responsibility of anything, but never forget to make others realize about their responsibilities.
Have we ever thought about this...
What is media showing are the things WE want to see. Now some of us will say, I don't watch those idiotic morning shows' SHAADI festivals, I don't like politicians arguing in talk shows, I am not interested in Indian stuff..
But mere bachon, the people around us are deliberately watching these things. Before blaming media, try to stop them first. Teach them what is right or wrong, what is being sold in the name of entertainment, what are those negative or positive impacts or agendas hidden in the content. But please halka hath rakhiyega because everybody has his/her own choice.
What I do with my father is quite funny. Whenever he tune in to any talk show, where host who have forgotten all the ethics of journalism has to pin the guests on critical issues to make them non serious.  The guests  shout on each other, and we can't even listen to anyone of them. 
I can't resist it, so I get up and say "Ohh Please... ye larayi jhagra mat dekha krein.." and leave... 
The end of this everyday story is that my father now watches the show I like  ;)
So never give up, one day people among you will listen to what you say. Watching this change will make you happier and give you a sense of achievement. And I am sure one day media will also change its in-appropriate content.
The most important thing is that we all use social media, we have became a part of media, we write status and share pictures with some messages. These messages are being read by the people all over the world. Isn't it our responsibility to share the words which are not harmful in any instance. The messages which make peace and rectify the mistakes instead of assassinating other's character. If we want to bring any positive change, we have to make best use of our communication skills. Never argue, discuss gently.
So my friends don't blame... Just do something... It's not that difficult... :)
 “I’m sorry for blaming you for everything I just couldn't do, and I’ve hurt myself by hurting you.” - Christina Aguilera...


  1. The risen issue is of a great concern for me. I do agree with what so ever has been written..I'm of an opinion that it always takes 2 to make a quarrel , we INDIVIDUALS not only have to bring ourselves into accountability for whats media is doing,but making media totally accountable to the rule of the land,What i means to say is,the laws for the media are devised in black and white by PEMRA.Yet they are of no value. So doesn't that make you think that government isn't granted an immunity to take up it's responsibilities. The rule of land [PEMRA"S Functionality) must tame the outlaws to make the media abondon what we have been crying for ..

    1. This is the give and take game going on between government and media...
      Thanx alot for your comments... :)

  2. agreed and well written... keep it up :)

  3. Great BLOG , i must say !!! Very well written and a Very Awesome Topic ... just ONE Question though .. how can we STOP People from watching that Chamar " Shaaista Wihidi " Show , jis k hr dosray show main wo chaar aanay walay Pir bithati hy jo HARRR HARR banday per Jinaat charhatay hain aur sub loug jo ye sub bkwaas dekhte hain unhe DOUBTFUL aur SUPERSTITIOUS banatay hain .. woh hr baat ka jawab yeh detay ( Baray YAKEEN se woh bhi ) k yeh sub jinaat ka saaya hy ya kisi ka jaadu hy .. jis ka result yeh hota hy k agr un k koi pareshaani ho , woh yeh samajhte hain k yeh Jinaat ka asar hy ya kisi ne jaadu karaya hy .. is baray main kya kiya jaye ?!! but i am definitely NOT Denying these things.. these are definitely True .. but there is a LIMIT to such things .. every other day , she does a show on this .. its just PATHETIC .. i am on the VERGE of calling names to her .. !!

    1. this is CHERISH , btw ! :P

    2. ROFL....
      Cherish we should just switch off our TVs when she gets on air... I know that's extremely pathetic... this is not only shaista wahidi, all other morning show hosts are also doing the same...

      And thanks a lot for your comment... :)

    3. waqai.. shaista kya sab ka yehi haal hai, ya to shadian karwati rehti hain ya is type k shows.. they just want to astray teh bewaqoof awam, yani jadu wgera per itna yaqeen krwado k bandey k ALLAH par se bharosa he khtam hojaye.. JADU beshak hai, par Jadu bhi uswaqt tak asar nahi krta jab tak ALLAK ki marzi na ho.. had hai, bajaye iske k positve batein phelain, simply formula hai jadu se bachne ka, Surah Falaq + Surah Naas yeh koi nahi bata ta, ulte seedhe tor krwatey rehtey hain...

    4. i agree with Hira here.. the Simplest way to get rid of the Jaadu and stuff is to Pray 5 times a Day and be a Good Muslim and Human Being !!

      @ Ammara ..
      its not me who watches it .. but the people in my house do .. my mother and sister sometime watch this Sh*t .. !! and inspite of actually SCOLDING them , they don't change the channel !!!! :@

      i don't know how is she a DOCTOR ...

  4. very well written Ammara...!! the.. main issue of our society
    thats right thats our own responsibility to stop ourselves n our family...
    i mean what the hell parents are doing, they can never make their kids human if they r having Cables, they dont even bother themselves when kids watch indian idol r mtv roadies, these shows r actually poisoning the youth... sab se barh ker baat ye hai k all indian channel are banned, but they r still running , PEMRA takes bribe for it, n therz no law against them.. n on the other hand, our own TV channels, they are the real enemies of islam, seriously if i start watching our news channel then with in few day it might change my thougt k Islam is a terrorist religion ya All Darhi wale mullas are sucide bombers... we people need to stop ourselves n say no to this Filth...

    1. Hira thanks for sharing your views. I agree with you.