17 November 2012

Journalism & Me

Journalists have been getting paid from a long time for creating violence, hiding wrong deeds of their masters and shedding EXTRA light on non-issues… They bring non-issues in lime light, when there is a serious issue going on and most of the time that issue belongs to religion or our country. The issues about which our people are very serious, but media have thousands of techniques to cover-up that important issue under some non-sense fake news.
I am a student of journalism.. I hate media, because I can see everything with my open mind… I don’t want to be professional journalist because I know the powerful masters, who have turned media into a business would never let me change anything..
As few of the journalists who have been saying truth and are prosperous to our country and religion, probably they can help in bringing some betterment to our society/country. May be if I ever get chance to work with them, I’ll change my decision too, and join journalism..
Because journalism is the field through which I can make every possible way to bring happiness, satisfaction and safety to the people of my country.

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