23 January 2013

Aim of Life

A person who is 70+ shared his life experiences that he had been “an Eeyore not a Tigger; a pessimist, not an optimist; an aimless grasshopper, not a purposeful ant; a dreamer, not a doer; a nomad, not a settler; a voyager, not an adventurer; a spectator, not an actor, player or participant.”
- Lines from David Brooks' article in NYTimes.com.

Sometimes I try to behave like an object. I keep searching for the purpose of my life but I never get that. I have found myself standing like an idiot who does not know what to do next.
But whenever I caught a beam of light I followed it, and learn new things and tried to collect all the bonanzas out of it, including happiness.
Then I discovered probably the aim of my life is to be happy and making others happy.. but i want more, something bigger.. I really don't know what exactly it is, but beyond doubt I'll reach there and grab it.. ;)
I don't want to end up like a dreamer, now I'll focus on how to become a doer.. I have achieved just few things in life, although they seems nothing to me at the moment, but better is that for convincing myself to be a doer I have to remember all minute things too :p You know repeating "I can do it" has a powerful impact for boosting up your abilities... :)
I'm not gonna give up easily, I'll be a fighter (won't kick someone's ass :p ) because it's illuminating all around me, except in load-shedding hours..
So I have written a lot here, now I gotta go but don't forget to give me your feedback k aapke ghar mei light jati hai ya nhi?

link: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/29/opinion/brooks-the-life-reports-ii.html?src=tp&smid=fb-share&_r=0

18 November 2012

My Most Favorite Place...

My most favorite place was my Nani’s house..
The rooms and corridors where I ran after my cousins to catch them.. The roof top from where I can see all the places nearby.. The Kitchen where I waited for my Nani who used to prepare breakfast for everyone and my Khala who sat down near the stove and prepared Rotiyan for dinner.. The Lounge where we all sit together and watch PTV dramas on that old style over sized small screen color TV.. :P
There was a big Verandah, where my Mamoos and Abbu used to sacrifice animal (cow, sheep or goat) on every Eid-ul-Azha. I stand there until I see all the body parts of it which I’ve learnt in my school.. Those staircase where all cousins sit together and discussed so many things. We had races on that staircase, who will reach the top first… :D And that orange Ice-cream, which all the family eat everyday twice.. Yummmmyyyy moment… :)
These are among the best memories of my childhood…
Now I miss that house.. It’s no more my Nani’s House.. I wish I had a time machine and I could go back to that time when there were riots in the city due to which my elders took decision to sell that house.. I would have changed the riots into peace so that I can make more memories there… :)

17 November 2012

Journalism & Me

Journalists have been getting paid from a long time for creating violence, hiding wrong deeds of their masters and shedding EXTRA light on non-issues… They bring non-issues in lime light, when there is a serious issue going on and most of the time that issue belongs to religion or our country. The issues about which our people are very serious, but media have thousands of techniques to cover-up that important issue under some non-sense fake news.
I am a student of journalism.. I hate media, because I can see everything with my open mind… I don’t want to be professional journalist because I know the powerful masters, who have turned media into a business would never let me change anything..
As few of the journalists who have been saying truth and are prosperous to our country and religion, probably they can help in bringing some betterment to our society/country. May be if I ever get chance to work with them, I’ll change my decision too, and join journalism..
Because journalism is the field through which I can make every possible way to bring happiness, satisfaction and safety to the people of my country.

4 July 2012

You Are Also Responsible For This...

You are wrong... Don't do this.. Don't do that.. 
These are few words we have been listening from our childhood, whenever our elders think we have mistaken. They don't think that they might have done something erroneous, which led these circumstances.
So we have been brought up learning to BLAME others....
Media and Government have always been held responsible for everything going on around us.
Media is responsible for immorality and fakeness. Government is responsible for corruption, riots, inflation, etc.
We never  want to take responsibility of anything, but never forget to make others realize about their responsibilities.
Have we ever thought about this...
What is media showing are the things WE want to see. Now some of us will say, I don't watch those idiotic morning shows' SHAADI festivals, I don't like politicians arguing in talk shows, I am not interested in Indian stuff..
But mere bachon, the people around us are deliberately watching these things. Before blaming media, try to stop them first. Teach them what is right or wrong, what is being sold in the name of entertainment, what are those negative or positive impacts or agendas hidden in the content. But please halka hath rakhiyega because everybody has his/her own choice.
What I do with my father is quite funny. Whenever he tune in to any talk show, where host who have forgotten all the ethics of journalism has to pin the guests on critical issues to make them non serious.  The guests  shout on each other, and we can't even listen to anyone of them. 
I can't resist it, so I get up and say "Ohh Please... ye larayi jhagra mat dekha krein.." and leave... 
The end of this everyday story is that my father now watches the show I like  ;)
So never give up, one day people among you will listen to what you say. Watching this change will make you happier and give you a sense of achievement. And I am sure one day media will also change its in-appropriate content.
The most important thing is that we all use social media, we have became a part of media, we write status and share pictures with some messages. These messages are being read by the people all over the world. Isn't it our responsibility to share the words which are not harmful in any instance. The messages which make peace and rectify the mistakes instead of assassinating other's character. If we want to bring any positive change, we have to make best use of our communication skills. Never argue, discuss gently.
So my friends don't blame... Just do something... It's not that difficult... :)
 “I’m sorry for blaming you for everything I just couldn't do, and I’ve hurt myself by hurting you.” - Christina Aguilera...

7 December 2011

My First Step....

It was a boring weekday of 2005, when I wrote my first poem while sitting in my class.
It took few minutes to complete it.
I was so nervous to show it to others.
Because I didn't know whether they're gonna like it or not.
Everyone appreciated it alot, my friends, parents and teachers. :)
But all credit goes to my teacher Hamza Junaidy, who asked me to write everyday.
From then i wrote, and learnt from my mistakes.
I remember what silly mistakes I used to do at that time. :D
I am still learning and rectifying myself.
But what I really need is alot of support and motivation from your side...
Insha-Allah someday my words will get the power the other writers have got, 
who have changed many lives.
: پہلی نظم 
ہماری کلاس ہے بڑی ہوادار 
ہیں دروازے اور کھڑکیاں چار
اسی میں ہمیں روز ہے آنا جانا 
کہتی ہیںہماری  مس فرحانہ 
پڑھتے ہیں ملک کا کونہ کونہ 
کیونکہ پڑھاتی ہیں مطالعہ پاکستان مس رانا
 پرکتیکلز کراتی ہیں مس خورشید 
جن کو خوش کرکے ہے ہمیں اچھے نمبر پانا 
مس مختار ہیں سندھی میں پی-ایچ-ڈی
جو چاہتی ہیں ہمیں سندھی ماٹھو بنانا
پڑھاتی ہیں کیمسٹری  مس رابیعہ
جن کا کام ہے سمجھا سمجھا کر خود تھک جانا
مسز حامد ہیں انگلش میں ایکسپرٹ
 نکالنا silly mistakes جن کا کام ہے ہماری 
جانتے ہیں یہ بات سارے بچے 
اچھے نمبر لا کر ہے ہمیں میٹرک میں جانا 
 تو محنت کرکے ہوجاییں ہم نویں میں کامیاب 
(:  تاکہ پھر ہوتے رہیں ہم ہر موڑ پے کامیاب